Student Account Inquiries

If parents have questions or concerns about student fees, payment history, refunds, financial assistance, or outstanding balances, they should direct their questions to their child’s specific school.

 School Name Phone Number
 Anna Boyd School 803-935-0123
 Bethel-Hanberry Elementary School 803-691-6880
 Blythewood Academy 803-691-6890
 Blythewood High School 803-691-4090
 Blythewood Middle School 803-691-6850
 Bookman Road Elementary School 803-699-1724
 Bridge Creek Elementary School 803-462-3900
 Catawba Trail Elementary School 803-699-3501
 Center for Accelerated Preparation 803-738-8433
 Center for Achievement 803-691-7216
 Center for Inquiry 803-699-2969
 Center for Knowledge 803-699-2966
 Dent Middle School 803-699-2750
 E. L. Wright Middle School 803-736-8740
 Forest Lake Elementary School 803-782-0470
 Joseph Keels Elementary School 803-736-8754
 Kelly Mill Middle School 803-691-7210
 Killian Elementary School 803-699-2981
 L. W. Conder Elementary School 803-736-8720
 Lake Carolina Elementary School 803-714-1300
 Lake Carolina Elementary School - Upper 803-691-3360
 Langford Elementary School 803-691-4091
 Longleaf Middle School 803-691-4870
 Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary School 803-736-8730
 Muller Road Middle School 803-691-6851
 North Springs Elementary School 803-736-3183
 Polo Road Elementary School 803-419-2226
 Pontiac Elementary School  803-699-2700
 Rice Creek Elementary School  803-699-2900
 Richland Northeast High School  803-699-2800
 Richland Two Charter High School  803-419-1348
 Ridge View High School  803-699-2999
 Round Top Elementary School  803-691-8676
 Sandlapper Elementary School  803-691-4045
 Spears Creek Montessori School  803-865-5355
 Spring Valley High School  803-699-3500
 Summit Parkway Middle School  803-699-3580
 Westwood High School  803-691-4049
 Windsor Elementary School  803-736-8723